MetaDB - Statistical analysis and website census

Che cos'è METADB?

MetaDB is a software for statistical analysis and census of online websites. MetaDB is based on a standalone web crawler, called METADBot,which analyzes only the homepages of online websites, starting from a very narrow subset of sites (about 1,250,000 websites), and moving from site to site taking advantage of outbound links with a technique known as Snowball Sampling.

What statistics does METADB collect? The METADBot web crawler analyzes website homepages and collects statistics on: use of HTML tags, text language, server on which the website is hosted, technologies used (e.g. Bootstrap CSS, Jquery), and more common errors. Learn more about how MetaDB works!

Total Domains Analyzed
Of all the domains analyzed, Online websites account for % of the total
Offline websites
Offline websites account for % of the total
Average response time per website
The average analysis time of a website is seconds
Last Scan Duration
Operational since
Auto-Redirect to HTTPS
Only the % of websites perform auto-redirect to the HTTPS secure protocol
www.* Linearization
The % of websites perform an auto-redirect to the normalized www.* version of the same domain
Total links between websites
The average number of links to external websites for each site is link
Amount of data analyzed
MetaDB has collected million rows on the Mysql database that supports analysis operations

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